Award-winning taste!

Our latest product awards


Sensory tests, extensive testing procedures and critical readers – every year, selected Byodo products are put to the test by a range of institutions and magazines. For us, every award is confirmation that the intensive work performed by our quality assurance departments and the strict requirements we place on our products are well worth it. 2020 has only just begun and we are delighted to announce that we have already won some outstanding awards!

Readers of the Schrot & Korn natural foods magazine taste, test, and score different product samples from specialist organic shops every year. Only products which achieve at least 80% of the highest possible score are allowed to use the “Bestes Bio” (Best Organic) label for the year. In 2020, we decided to send our Rice Crisps with Pea and Salt into the ring... and the deliciously crispy snack impressed the tasters right across the board!

The DLG (= German Agricultural Society) also puts each and every product under the microscope. In the sensory tests, the experts focus on the appearance, smell, taste, and consistency of the product as well as conduct packaging and labelling tests. However, they never know which manufacturer or brand is behind the product they are testing at any one time. We were delighted to find out that the Byodo Tomato Ketchup, our Fig Mustard, Vinegar with Herbs, Apple Balsam and Grill & Tex Mex Sauce have all been awarded the Gold DLG Medal this year! The classic Byodo varieties Red Wine Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar and Beer Vinegar already brought home DLG Gold last year.

The Öko-Test also rates products based on strict criteria. Back in January 2019, trained experts tested a range of different pastas made from legumes, including our gluten-free Volanti, Red Lentil. In addition to taste, smell, mouthfeel, and appearance, the tests also covered, for example, whether pesticide residues could be detected in the pasta and whether the “gluten-free” claim was genuine. Öko-Test confirmed our own claims of high product quality and optimal enjoyment by awarding us the “SEHR GUT” (very good) rating.