A spa hotel for insects

The Byodo Hotel for Insects

Close by our busy bees, we also have an insect house on our Byodo premises. Here, our four- and many-legged friends have found a new home and feel visibly comfortable on four luxurious floors!

Constructed from different materials such as wood, clay, straw, fir cones or bricks, the insect hotel offers nature's beneficial little creatures an ideal nesting place in spring and summer. In autumn and in winter, the hotel serves as a safe and comfy shelter.

Insects are an important part of our ecosystem because they pollinate flowers in fields, meadows and our gardens. Many insects are also useful pest controllers. For example ladybirds, hoverflies and lacewings live mainly on insect pests such as annoying aphids. Targeted settlement programmes and habitats such as insect houses can help us do without chemical pesticides, for example.

To fulfil their function, beneficial insects need a suitable habitat - which is increasingly being destroyed by urbanisation and industry. Exotic plants and an excessive sense of order in our gardens also make it difficult for these insects to find a home.

This is why Byodo decided to build an insect hotel. It offers a cosy home for many different wild species of bees, bumblebees, ladybirds, flies, butterflies, wasps, and many more beneficiary insects - and also delights the Byodo team and our visitors.