Mühldorf food bank

Many people in Germany are exposed to income poverty. And when income is scarce, food is often where people make cuts first. The consequences include malnutrition, a high susceptibility to disease, and unfortunately in some cases social isolation.

Food where it’s needed

This is what the approximately 3,000 food banks in Germany are fighting to prevent. The Mühldorfer Tafel (Mühldorf food bank) is one of them. In addition to providing food, numerous volunteers help those affected to regain their physical and inner strength and find new confidence. Every Thursday, friendly Mühldorf volunteers collect unsold food from local bakeries, grocery stores and producers. Afterwards, they sort the fruit and vegetables, fill serving tables and counters and in the afternoon hand out food parcels to those in need. Consideration is also given to special requirements and intolerances to make sure that all the food donated reaches happy recipients who can make good use of it.

We are enthusiastic about this commitment and are happy to regularly donate products whose best-before date is getting near or that have minor filling or packaging defects. The quality of our donated food is, of course, perfect.