Quality Management

Byodo Quality Management

Guaranteeing the outstanding quality of our products has always enjoyed a special priority in our quality assurance work. Our varied range exclusively contains products made with 100% finest organic ingredients. As an organic foods company, Byodo is naturally subject to the EU Eco-regulation’s control procedure (office responsible for controls at Byodo: QC&I). We have been working in close cooperation with organic-food associations ever since our company was founded.

Our commitments

As a member of the German Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers (Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e.V (BNN)), we are committed to complying with the defined residue parameters, which are far stricter again than those of the EU regulations, and do so gladly.

Double quality assurance

The enjoyment factor of our products is guaranteed by double quality assurance: conducted both by our partner suppliers and by Byodo’s in-house QA department, with each and every batch of products being carefully checked. This includes a comprehensive analysis plan in accordance with our product specifications as well as sensory controls. These are performed by Dr. Karin Huber, our qualified sensory expert for organic foodstuffs. For sensory issues she can also call on the advice of the in-house Byodo panel, a group of nine people who regularly receive training in sensory matters.

We guarantee our customers uninterrupted traceability for every product batch in our range.

Research & development

Participation in a wide range of research projects and membership of important expert networks allow us to remain up to date at all times as far as quality is concerned. We integrate the latest analytical findings in our production and quality assurance workflows as soon as possible – that’s something you can be sure of!

Dr. Karin Huber, Byodo Quality Management
Dr. Karin Huber, Byodo Quality Management
Christine Uhl, Byodo Quality Management
Christine Uhl, Byodo Quality Management
Preparation for internal sensory-panel