Fine organic foods - our passion

People are usually driven by personal motives, and that’s also exactly how our company came into being. Having grown up amid the protests and demonstrations of the late 1960s, Byodo founder Michael Mossbacher was – like many of his generation – searching for a meaningful function in life: a career with an emphasis on partnership, sustainable business and community.

The result: In 1985, Byodo was established with minimal starting capital but a wealth of dedication and enthusiasm. Despite the initial uncertainties, the concept of making a small contribution to the preservation of our Earth with organically produced goods prevailed. The company was one of the first in Europe to capture the hearts of fans of organic food with fresh, organic tofu and tempeh. The journey from those first soya products to the wide variety of products available today has been a long one with a whole host of milestones interspersed with countless baby steps, but our 100% passion, 100% conviction and 100% organic ingredients have never waned. And that promise doesn’t just extend to our products. An attention to detail, reliable professionalism and improved service confirmed time and time again by our partners are all key factors enthusiastically brought to life at Byodo.

Right from the very beginning, it has always been a key goal of ours to unite organic food and indulgence in a single concept. There’s no denying it: organic food simply tastes better – and that is often the best argument when it comes to convincing gourmets to select organic products. When Andrea Sonnberger joined the company back in the early 90s, it soon became clear that together it would be possible to move mountains. In 2019, founder Michael Moßbacher withdrew from the management. Andrea Sonnberger first took over the managing function alone and from 2020 together with founder's daughter Stephanie Moßbacher. Ever since, the two managers have been working together successfully with all the dedicated Byodo staff to bring the concept of partnership to life with customers and suppliers alike. Our daily incentive begins with our name, Byodo. Loosely translated from Japanese, it means “the common path”.

For us, Byodo product quality is symbolic of quality of life. On the basis of this notion, we have now developed a wide range of delicious, organically produced goods, which we sell and distribute in specialist health food shops in reliable cooperation with our partners. Under the brand Byodo CateringLine, we also offer a selection of fine products for gastronomy and large consumers.

Our impetus remains to offer you first-class, delicious premium products and, in doing so, to contribute to the preservation of the world in which we live.

Your Stephanie Moßbacher & Andrea Sonnberger
and the whole Byodo team