Optimal Packaging

Byodo best product packaging

Packaging protects the product from external influences and contributes to guaranteeing the excellent quality of the foodstuff at every step of the chain from the producer to the consumer. At the same time, however, it should aesthetically appealing and practical – which is exactly why we pay so much attention to the packaging of our products.

We strive to choose the very best protection possible for our products, but it also has to satisfy our strict ecological requirements. That sometimes sees us confronted with particular challenges, as each product has its own requirements that we are eager to address. The important aspect for us is always to select packaging sizes which correspond to the wishes of our customers and, for example, allow simple dosing and neat pouring.

We also place certain quality requirements on our labels: They should not only provide data on nutritional values and ingredients, but also offer information on the unique taste of the product as well as tips on how best to enjoy it.