Organic Bee-Project

Organic bees for region and nature

Organic honey for the region - from the region! This is the motto of our organic bees project initiated in summer 2011. Since the project was launched, a number of regional beekeeping associations have been helping to train junior organic beekeepers with approximately six beehives (figures vary depending on swarms and colonies) at our company premises.

The common goal is to make organic beekeeping the norm. Although many beekeepers in fact demonstrate compliance with the guidelines for organic beekeeping, they shy away from organic certification for financial reasons. This is such a shame - and as a consequence the demand for organic honey largely has to be met by importing it from abroad.

Byodo bees have in the meantime been certified as organic.

But organic beekeepers aren’t the only ones who can contribute to protecting bees! To raise awareness for these useful little insects, Byodo made 2013 the “Year of the Bee”. Various events were organised aimed at informing the general public of what they can do to preserve these important pollinators - in our gardens or on our balconies or terraces.

A bee info panel was also installed on our company premises that with the help of photos informs visitors about life in the beehive and offers tips on how each and every one of us can contribute to preserving these wonderfully peace-loving and beautiful insects.