WerteMarken (Value Brands)

The “WerteMarken” (Value Brands) are a group of organic companies who rank among the pioneers of the industry. We believe that going organic itself is no longer sufficient, and we thus have dedicated ourselves to answering the question of what ethics in the area of commercial trading should look like today and how it should be practiced. We would like to open the discussion beyond our own sector.

Barnhouse, Bio Planète, Bohlsener Mühle, Byodo, Ökoland, ÖMA, Sodasan and Upländer Bauernmolkerei all currently belong to WerteMarken. No, we have not yet reached the goal of our collective commitment, but we are surely on our way, and are challenging ourselves every step of the journey.

Our Labour of Love

We are continuing to evolve ourselves and work hard to promote our labour of love – to better the living planet. Through our commitment to ethical standards we accept our responsibility to society as a whole. As part of the organic value chain we promote the livelihood of up- and downstream stages and put the heart of our focus on the people. We, the WerteMarken enterprises, want to make humanity in business solidarity come alive.

We think it is important that development remains moderate in size and pace and suits a particular company. That way we can more easily and individually implement our ethical standards. We are always striving for the right balance to enable economic success as well as the acceptance of our social and ecological obligations. By doing so, we see efficiency as a consequence and prerequisite for active responsibility.

Our Quality Standard

Our definition of quality is indivisible, dependable, and constant. It goes far beyond pure product quality. Transparency, conservation of resources, as well as the highest of processing standards are indispensable. Social and ethical aspects, such as a fair pay and fundamentally appreciative encounters underline the overall concept of quality, which is a guiding principle for our business decision-making. We endeavour to set standards in our industry.

Our Partners

Our understanding is that organic specialist retailers share our values; hence they are our natural partners. Of particular importance for us is the strong, entrepreneur and regional based retail, whose preservation and diversity we advocate.

Our Motivation

Through our joint efforts for values we and all our retail friends experience joy, bonding and support. Consequently, we offer our partners an open and lively interaction as a basis for joint ventures, in which everyone can see our practiced principles firsthand. On the WerteMarken website you can learn more about what WerteMarken does and is planning and why organic alone is not enough.