Mustard project in Bavaria

There’s no denying it: organic food simply tastes better – and it tastes even BETTER when we can watch the raw materials for our delicious Byodo products grow right on our doorstep!

Thanks to a seed project founded with five farmers from the Ökomodellregion (eco model region) Waginger See/Rupertiwinkel in 2015, we are able to source some of the seeds for our medium-hot mustard as regionally as possible. Unfortunately, organically cultivated areas are currently stagnating in Germany; however, fixed purchase agreements with farmers as in the case of this project provide a firm financial basis from which to manage the switchover to organic farming.

Once again yellow mustard is thriving in our partners' fields this year, as monoculture but also mixed with peas and beans. This mixed cultivation cross-pollinates and brings complementary advantages: while mustard consumes nitrogen, the legumes supply it to the soil. Cultivating these crops together also offers additional security for farmers, as mustard, botanically related to rapeseed, is also attractive for pests such as the Meligethes aeneus pollen beetle. Like this, a total loss of the harvest can be avoided.

We hope in the next few years to continually extend the project and to win even more farmers over to growing yellow mustard for our range of delicious and aromatic mustards directly from the region.