Top organic chef Tino Schmidt

Top organic chef Tino Schmidt’s formula for taste sensations is: appetising, healthy and never boring! It goes without saying that this requires particularly high-quality products like ours, and so we are particularly happy about the fact that Tino is a Byodo fan we've had the pleasure of working together with since 2015. We host joint cookery workshops offering catering chefs the chance to get to know “organic” solutions or even just try out new, refined recipes which always turn out delicious even given the hectic atmosphere encountered in large kitchens. Tino’s wealth of experience in personnel management and the organisation of large kitchens make him particularly able to put himself in the participants’ shoes and pass on valuable tips and tricks.

When his daughter was born in 2002, he decided not to accept any further compromises where food was concerned and discovered the world of organic produce. Inevitably, he stumbled onto Byodo and has been a firm fan of the quality of our products ever since. He has been known as one of THE top organic chefs in Germany since 2005 and he has worked as a consultant, coach and product developer in the field of organic produce since 2010.