Bio Hotels

BIO HOTELS is the largest association of environmentally friendly hotels on the market. Each individual hotel is committed to sustainability and represents the fusion of premium quality and a gourmet experience – just like Byodo. These are just two of the great reasons why we have already been working in cooperation with some BIO HOTELS for a number of years and why we also decided to become an official partner of the association in early 2020.

In total, there are now more than 90 individual BIO HOTELS offering their guests an unforgettable, sustainable holiday experience, stretching from environmentally friendly travel options to hotel furnishings produced from organically grown wood, natural cosmetics in the rooms, and the use of recycled paper right up to green electricity.

In addition, the hotels’ chefs have also accepted the challenge of creating particularly delectable moments for their guests and set great store by the use of high-quality organic foodstuffs in their kitchens. Byodo’s delicious products are always a firm favourite and pamper the guests’ palates. We are delighted about this new partnership with BIO HOTELS and are looking forward to continuing our journey of sustainability and gourmet experiences together. Image credit: BIO HOTELS,

Image credit: BIO HOTELS,