Here’s looking forward to another delectable year!

Our new products at the start of 2020

11.02.2020Product news

Good news for all salad lovers and amateur bakers: the latest Byodo new products are sure to make for a particularly delicious year ahead! Four ready-to-use salad dressings and a brand-new baking oil range ensure top enjoyment in the kitchen and on the picnic blanket alike.

Shaken, not stirred – the new Byodo dressings!

We have optimised our popular Mustard Dressing once again, taking into consideration the frequent requests from customers for a “lighter mouthfeel”. With its heavenly creaminess and fine hint of onion, the Dressing Sylter Style is sure to impress. It is an excellent vegan alternative to classic yoghurt dressings.

These two are joined by the particularly fruity Raspberry Vinaigrette and the vegan French Vinaigrette. Both dressings contain 50% oil. This separates naturally from the solid ingredients in the bottle, but all it takes is a quick shake to combine everything again. The French Vinaigrette lends the fresh taste of shallots and chives to mixed salads and potato salads alike. The delicious Raspberry Vinaigrette enraptures salad lovers with its fine fruitiness. It is exclusively sweetened with a little organic honey.

All the new Byodo dressing ensure top salad results in next to no time: just shake and pour over the salad! As such, they are also a particularly practical and delicious companion when out and about, for example when enjoying a lovely picnic outdoors.

Cooking oils for frying & baking

Our new, organic baking oils have been tempting taste buds since back in December and were developed them in cooperation with the popular women’s magazine BRIGITTE. The Baking Oil Classic and Baking Oil Exquisite are perfectly suited as a vegetable alternative to butter. In addition, cakes baked with oil turn out lighter, moister and, in addition, stay fresh for longer! The Baking Oil Exquisite in particular lends sweet baked goods a delicate marzipan note, meaning less sugar is required. The Baking Spray Oil is the ideal addition to any amateur baker’s kitchen: it allows trouble-free and sparing greasing of cake tins, waffle irons, etc. All Byodo baking oils can be heated to high temperatures and are thus ideal for baking. You can find additional information on baking with oil on our special page.

Furthermore, our cooking oil range is also being complemented with the new Frying Oil Rapeseed this year. Here too, we are listening to our consumers and delivering what they want: a rapeseed oil which can be heated to high temperatures. It is also particularly mild and does not have the typical rapeseed taste, making it excellent for use in dishes prepared cold too.