A veritable explosion of innovations!

Delicious new additions make their public début at BioFach.

27.02.2018Product news


We are ringing in our 33rd year of business with a veritable explosion of delicious new varieties, which we exhibited for the first time at the recent BioFach trade fair 2018 in Nuremberg:

The great taste of pasta with none of the gluten
In the Byodo Pasta Speziale range we are now offering a variety of gluten-free pasta specialities that are sure to satisfy your hunger and tickle your taste buds at the same time. Handmade in Italy, the four new varieties guarantee full flavour with a minimalist list of ingredients. The Volanti made of 100% organic red lentils keep you feeling deliciously full for a long time and, in addition to a wealth of fibre, also contain valuable vegetable protein. The Mezze Penne are made of rice, corn and chickpeas. They are characterised by a delicately nutty flavour and you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference from the wonderful al dente texture of traditional pasta made of semolina. The new Fusilli, Brown Rice-Teff amaze with their mild, delicately nutty taste and true superfood qualities. The mini grain is packed full of energy and also contains high quantities of iron, magnesium and potassium. There’s nothing standing in the way of a delicious gluten-free lasagne in the future either: The Lasagne, Corn-Rice cooks through beautifully in sufficient liquid and maintains its delicious al dente texture.

Al dente variety
Alongside the new gluten-free pasta range, the Byodo Pasta Superiore, semola line is also being complemented by three eye-catching new additions. The light Orecchiette, Farfalle and Strozzapreti are set to ensure even more pasta variety in the kitchen. The semolina used for the golden-yellow pasta is grown by contract farmers in Italy and ground particularly slowly after being harvested, which exposes the grain to less heat than usual. This preserves valuable nutrients, which in turn produce the even better taste and mouth-watering aroma of the Byodo gourmet pasta.

Squeeze me up, Scotty!
Squeeze bottles are not science fiction – they’re real and wonderfully convenient! The High Quality Mayonnaise and popular Medium Hot Mustard from Byodo are now available in handy 300 ml squeeze bottles. Not only that: The two classics are also flanked by the new Byodo Tomato Ketchup with a whopping 80% tomato concentrate content and a Ketchup for Children, which also has an 80% tomato concentrate content and, compared with the Byodo Tomato Ketchup in the glass bottle, contains 30% less sugar and 50% less salt. Made of 100% organic ingredients for a particularly pure and intense tomato experience. The PET bottles are easy to use and thus perfect for squeezing out just the right amount of mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise.