Byodo stays in the family

Stephanie Moßbacher, Michael Moßbacher and Andrea Sonnberger

Stephanie Moßbacher joins the management

Stephanie Moßbacher is now a managing partner

Succession planning is a source of worry lines for many organic pioneers, but thankfully not in Michael Moßbacher’s case. A dream came true for company founder Michael Moßbacher and his partner Andrea Sonnberger when his daughter Stephanie Moßbacher joined the Byodo management: the future of the company will remain in safe hands. Together with the managing owner, Andrea Sonnberger, she now makes up the new executive management. Michael Moßbacher had already stepped back from his active partner role in mid-2019.

Stephanie Moßbacher began focusing on sustainability, marketing and management as early as during her studies: following her bachelor’s degree in “Product Marketing and Project Management for Organic Foods” in Wieselburg, Austria, she completed her master’s in “Sustainable Marketing & Leadership” at the Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich. The founder’s daughter then gathered some professional experience in the fields of marketing/PR and brand management before joining the family business in 2016.

Since joining, she has spent four years at Byodo in different positions in the Marketing/PR and Product Management departments, where she most recently held senior management responsibility. In addition, she gained comprehensive insights into all areas of the company in the scope of an in-house trainee programme. The 30-year-old has also been a partner in the company since autumn 2018.

As a managing partner, she will now be responsible for the Purchasing, Marketing/PR, Product Management and Sustainability Management departments. “Sustainability and brand management have always been issues close to my heart, which is why I am so happy to have the chance to inspire a great many people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in this new role,” said Stephanie Moßbacher.