Organic catering for nurseries

Healthy variety for the children in Mühldorf

06.11.2017Company news

Variety is the spice of life and, on top of that, food should be nutritious and leave you feeling full and satisfied. We exclusively want to offer deliciously prepared organic meals to the state nurseries and daycare facilities for children in Mühldorf, where they will be served to approx. 350 children. We were lucky enough to be awarded the contract in September and are very grateful for this great opportunity. A good month after deliveries began, it’s clear that the food is going down very well with both the children and the staff alike.

Meat and sausage was intentionally assigned a minor role in the children's meal plan. This food group is an all-too-common feature on the youngsters’ plates as it is, and their protein requirements can be wonderfully covered with nutritious legumes and fish, etc. At the same time, they also learn about the delicious variety of organic foodstuffs available.

The freshly prepared meals are delivered using our electric car, which motors around Mühldorf helping to protect the environment.