Time to leave the management of Byodo behind

Michael Moßbacher will still remain a partner

12.08.2019Company news

After more than three decades of pioneering work in organic food and managing Byodo, our founder Michael Moßbacher has decided to focus his efforts on new tasks. As a partner, though, he will still remain as loyal to Byodo as ever, continuing to champion our corporate philosophy and travel the shared path together with us. Why, is clear to Michael Moßbacher: “For me, Byodo is a fantastic company with fantastic people and a fundamental part of my life: a company which has been striving to promote a future worth living, ecology and sustainable business for almost 35 years.”

Michael Moßbacher founded Byodo Naturkost GmbH with three other partners back in July 1985. The company’s success story all began with the idea and aim of producing high-quality organic soy foodstuffs and it was one of the first enterprises in Europe to produce fresh, organic tofu and tempeh – in 100% organic quality of course! The next stage of the journey took the company away from in-house production and towards the distribution of organic products under the “Byodo” brand. Since then, the brand has developed successfully at the Mühldorf site and is now an established giant on the market, with its products now available all over the world.

Michael Moßbacher co-wrote this success story that has thrived for almost 35 years together with the two active directors Andrea Sonnberger and Josef Stellner as well as the workforce currently numbering 90 members of staff. After adequate preparation, he is now passing on the baton to his daughter and Byodo co-partner Stephanie Moßbacher, ensuring the company remains a family business.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Michael Moßbacher for his efforts as an organic pioneer and trailblazer for a future worth living, for ecology and for sustainable business – we are looking forward to further chapters together in this success story.