Pasta Superiore, semolina - light-coloured noodles

For our light gourmet pasta without egg we mix an ideal ratio of different varieties of high-quality, Italian durum wheat with water drawn fresh from a well. The high gluten content and slow drying process ensure great sturdiness and a great al dente texture.

Did you know...?

  • How "al dente" a noodle is predominately depends on the amount of gluten in the durum wheat. The higher the amount - the better the quality of the noodle.
  • The secret of our pasta quality is the interaction between five different sorts of durum wheat, springfresh water and a slow drying process.
  • Byodo Pasta is dried at temperatures between 40 - 50 °C. This slow but constant process of drying guarantees a beautiful noodle shape without any rips and cuts.