Gnocchi, semolina

Gnocchi, semolina

Unlike our Gnocchi in the 500 g packs the Gnocchi noodles in the 5 kg bags are clearly bigger - an ideal sauce boat.

A real sauce boat!

  • great for all sauce lovers
  • perfect mixture of different sorts of Italian durum wheat
  • "al dente" quality
  • high amount of gluten
  • suited for cook & chill

Byodo organic Pasta Superiore Gnocchi, semolina is ideally suited for dipping and dunking.

Content: 5 kg

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*organically grownDE-ÖKO-013 / origin: Italian Agriculture

Did you know...?

  • For the last few years the organic pasta production has exclusively been lying in the hands of this cooperative - this is exceptional throughout the whole organic market.
  • The secret of our organic pasta quality is the interaction between different sorts of durum wheat, springfresh water as well as the use of bronze die plates and a slow drying process.
  • Nutrionists found out lately that pasta does not only make you feel full up. It makes you fell happy as well. The substance responsible for good mood is called serotonin. The complex structure of the carbohydrates in the noodle is essential for its creation.