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Andrea Sonnberger_Byodo Naturkost

Andrea Sonnberger

Managing Director & Owner
Andrea Sonnberger joined the company in 1994 and represents, down to the present day, the driving force in the firm together with her partner Michael Moßbacher. Alongside her responsibility as executive manageress she has an overview over the departments sales, quality and product management and marketing.

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Josef Stellner_Byodo Naturkost

Josef Stellner

Commercial Managing Director
Since September 2017 Josef Stellner complements the Byodo management department. He is responsible to overview the purchasing department, finances, personnel, computing as well as warehouse management.

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Stephanie Moßbacher_Byodo Naturkost

Stephanie Mossbacher

Head of Marketing / PR / Product Management & Owner
Stephanie Mossbacher is head of marketing and product management departments. The daughter of Michael Moßbacher is also owner since 2018. The Byodo Product Management team takes care of packaging management as well as product development, product range selection, market observation and trend analysis.

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Martina Pillris

Key Account Manager Export
Our foreign customers will be counselled by our Key Account Manager Export Martina Pillris. She is your contact for all matters regarding selling Byodo products abroad.

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Gabi Tekles_Byodo Naturkost

Gabi Tekles

Head of Customer Service
Byodo Customer Service is a team consisting of seven colleagues. All consumers and retail partners will find a sympathetic ear for their questions and requests here. The team is looking forward to showing you the world of Byodo and advise you in all questions regarding Byodo fine food products.

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Karin Huber_Byodo Naturkost

Dr. Karin Huber

Head of Quality Management
The members of our quality management department are responsible for the complete chain of quality assurance. They develop detailed specifications for every Byodo product, make sure the packaging specifications are adhered to and test every batch that reaches our warehouse regarding analysis and sensory testing - only immaculate products will be released. In regular quality audits from our partner-suppliers, we are checked on whether the required quality standards are met by Byodo.

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Lucia Biehl_Byodo Naturkost

Lucia Biehl

Head of Marketing/PR Management
The marketing-team developes marketing conceptions and campaigns for the Byodo fine food-range. The focus lies on the realization of the Byodo Corporate Identity - this makes sure that customers become a clear image of Byodo and furthermore is the foundation for brand recognition. In addition, Mrs Biehl is responsible for pubilc relations and reference person for journalists and editors.

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Gertrud Liebhart

Head of Purchasing Department
The Byodo purchasing department is always in close contact with our supply partners, they regularly visit them locally and foster amicable cooperation. Gertrud Liebharts team is responsible for the right choice of our partner suppliers - it is decisive for Byodo to only work together with partners who share the same organic philosophy and awareness for indulgence and quality as we do. Furthermore the purchase department secures, in close agreement with the quality management department, the sufficient supply of raw materials for our products.

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Michael Piffath_Byodo Naturkost

Michael Piffath

HR / Administration
The Administration team at Byodo is split into the HR, IT and Operational Organisation divisions. Its tasks encompass the processing of applications including the selection process, training measures within the company, operational health management, the management of the reception area and all the organisational duties associated with the topics of data privacy and IT administration.

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Claudia Christ_Byodo Naturkost

Claudia Christ

The Accounting department is responsible for the processing and documentation of all incoming and outgoing invoices. As such, it maintains interfaces with all the other Byodo departments. The two-strong team is also responsible for accounts receivable management, the compilation of annual balance sheets and the preparation of data for the determination of operating figures and statistics to be used as a basis for corporate decision-making.

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Johann Greff_Byodo Naturkost

Johann Greff

Head of Warehouse Mangagement
Our warehouse team consists of eleven colleagues and administrates nearly 6.000 pallets. Here the stock receipt and goods issue of all Byodo products is organized. By rapid and conscientious picking and packing of all customer orders the team assures the timely supply for the wholesale trade.

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