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Find here the right contact person for every sector. The Byodo department leaders are there for you.

Stephanie Mossbacher

Managing Director & Owner
The daughter of founder Michael Moßbacher joined the company in 2016 and has been a managing owner since January 2022.

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Claudia Maus

Head of Marketing/PR & Product Management
Claudia Maus is responsible for the entire brand presence and communication with consumers and external partners - for all divisions: retail, B2B customers, direct-to-consumer. Together with the product management team, she develops our product range strategy and successful product innovations.

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Gertrud Liebhart

Divisional management goods procurement and logistics
Gertrud Liebhart is responsible for the areas of goods procurement and logistics. She ensures the supply of raw materials for Byodo premium products and is in close contact with quality assurance. She also coordinates the interplay of goods procurement and logistics in collaboration with her team of six.

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Michael Fastner

Commercial Director
Michael Fastner is responsible for finances, personnel, administration, computing as well as warehouse management.

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Alexander Algermissen

Head of Sales & Distribution
As the Head of Sales & Distribution, Alexander Algermissen ist responsible for all Sales departments, included our Feinsinn– organic shop and gourmet kitchen. He works in close cooperation with the Product Management, the Byodo Marketing team and the Management.

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Gabi Tekles

Head of Customer Service
Byodo Customer Service is a team consisting of seven colleagues. All consumers and retail partners will find a sympathetic ear for their questions and requests here. The team is looking forward to showing you the world of Byodo and advise you in all questions regarding Byodo premium products.

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Andreas Fiegl

Key Account Manager Byodo Brand / Field Staff Manager
Andreas Fliegl is responsible for advising Byodo’s wholesale customers and managing its field staff.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Martina Pillris

Key Account Manager Export
Our foreign customers are looked after by our export expert Martina Pillris. She is available as a contact person for all matters.

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Thomas Zacherl

Key Account Manager CateringLine / Raw Materials
Thomas Zacherl takes care of our gastronomy and canteen kitchen customers with the CateringLine products. In addition, he is also available for any enquiries and questions concerning raw materials.

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Stefan Dempfle

Key Account Manager Private Label
Stefan Dempfle is responsible for the Private Label sales division, where our key accounts sell products with the familiar, high Byodo quality under their own brand name.

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Michael Piffath

HR / Administration
The Administration team at Byodo is split into the HR, IT and Operational Organisation divisions. Its tasks encompass the processing of applications including the selection process, training measures within the company, operational health management, the management of the reception area and all the organisational duties associated with the topics of data privacy and IT administration.

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Claudia Christ

The Accounting department is responsible for the processing and documentation of all incoming and outgoing invoices. As such, it maintains interfaces with all the other Byodo departments. The two-strong team is also responsible for accounts receivable management, the compilation of annual balance sheets and the preparation of data for the determination of operating figures and statistics to be used as a basis for corporate decision-making.

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Dr. Karin Huber

Head of Quality Management
The members of our quality management department are responsible for the complete chain of quality assurance. They develop detailed specifications for every Byodo product, make sure the packaging specifications are adhered to and test every batch that reaches our warehouse regarding analysis and sensory testing - only immaculate products will be released. In regular quality audits from our partner-suppliers, we are checked on whether the required quality standards are met by Byodo.

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Marcus Hofer

Management of Feinsinn organic shop and gourmet kitchen
Marcus Hofer coordinates our Feinsinn – organic shop and gourmet kitchen directly at our headquarters in Mühldorf. He is the primary contact person there for his more than 35 members of staff. In addition, he also manages the Byodo nursery supply service, room rentals and all events related to Feinsinn.

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Johann Greff

Head of Warehouse Mangagement
Our warehouse team consists of twelve colleagues and administrates nearly 6.000 pallets. Here the stock receipt and goods issue of all Byodo products is organized. By rapid and conscientious picking and packing of all customer orders the team assures the timely supply for the wholesale trade.

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