Grilled ratatouille salad

Grilled ratatouille salad (4 portions)

Ingredients ratatouille
  • 4 tbsp Byodo Frying Oil Olive
  • 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp thyme, minced or 3 fresh sprigs
  • 1 tsp rosemary, minced or 1 fresh sprig
  • 4 tomatoes, sliced
  • 2 aubergines, sliced and slightly salted
  • 2 red onions, sliced
  • 2 zucchini, sliced
  • 1 red paprika, halved and quartered
  • 1 yellow paprika, halved and quartered
  • 1 green paprika, halved and quartered
  • Byodo Atlantic Sea Salt, fine-grained
  • black pepper, fresh ground
Ingredients mediterranean dressing

Heat frying oil olive. Brown garlic and herbs. Then quickly stir fry vegetables one after another, while seasoning single slices with salt and pepper. Best suited is a char coal grill. Stir all ingredients for dressing. Pile up vegetables on each plate and pour over dressing.