Spring roll of the season

Spring roll of the season (4 portions)

Ingredients spring roll
Ingredients mustard-aioli-sauce
Ingredients stuffing
Preparation spring roll

Knead flour, ghee, thyme, salt and water in a food processor for 15 min. Cover dough with damp cloth and leave for further 15 min.

Preparation mustard-aioli sauce

Mix all ingredients and season with sea salt.

Preparation stuffing

Heat frying oil. Put curry in pan and toast for a few minutes. Add vegetables and cook until "al-dente". Season to taste with sea salt and leave to cool quickly.

Split dough into 10 equally large balls. Roll dough balls round and thin. Spread vegetables mix on dough pieces and roll up. Seal edges with damp fingers. Deep-fry rolls in frying oil until golden-brown and serve immediately along with mustard-aioli sauce.

Our advice: This sauce goes very well with many Asian dishes, which require dips and sauces. Soy sauce and mustard match brilliantly in taste!